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Sugar & Ice Luxe Gift Set Menu - Choose 8


Apple Heads

Assorted Gumballs

Assorted Zotz Fizz Candy

Atomic Fire Balls

Candy Buttons

Caramel Squares

Cherry Sours


Grape Heads

Gummy Bears
Gummy Butterflies

Gummy Strawberry Creams
Gummy Worms (Sweet)
Gummy Worms (Sour)

Jaw Breakers

Lemon Heads

Necco Wafers

Rootbeer Barrels

Shoestring Licorice ( Strawberry, Apple or Blue Raspberry)

Silly Yellow Bananas

Sixlets Candy
Sour Patch Kids

Sour Peach Slices

Sour Watermelon Slices

Strawberry our Belts

Sugared Gummy Rings (Peach, Apple or Melon)
Swedish Fish (Red or Assorted)
Sweet Tarts/Smarties
Toostie Rolls (Chocolate or Assorted Fruit Flavors)


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